Hi, My name is Cassie. I am a Kindergarten teacher in Queensland. For the past eleven years, I have taught in every age group before school and nannied here in Australia and in London and the USA. I have never thought about blogging before but enjoy following Big Family Little Income, The Dad Lab and Max’s FPIES Journey. I am a university student who loves to watch children grow and learn. One of my ICT assessment requires me to start blogging hence my new blog.

I believe children should use their imagination, play in the mud and rain and also have ICT embedded in their daily lives in the classroom. This week a few of my children were making their very own Wombat Stew with sand, dirt, herbs, and water. Later we were using an iPad and Apple TV to learn about the letter of the week and for music. My children also love getting their hands on one of the iPads and becoming a photographer. Clowning around with Photo Booth is also a favorite past time. The other week one of my children watched me zoom in on the iPad while we looked at something for him on google. When they saw me zoom in they asked me to show them how I did it. The child then excitedly zoomed in and out of the picture all by themselves.

Let’s google it or YouTube are part of my classes everyday language.  Let’s ask Siri to spell it is also becoming part of our everyday vocabulary. This week we wanted to make a sign for one of our learning pods, so we all headed to the office for a computer lesson. The children picked the coloured paper they wanted, we loaded it into the printer and then checked with Siri how to spell the word. The children then helped me remember how to spell the word as we printed each letter out. One little boy later asked if we could use black paper too. We tested if the printer could print white ink but discovered it could not. We changed the print colour to fluoro green. To our surprise, it made the “S” look magic as you can only just see it.

I love taking everyday moments and turning them into teachable moments extending children’s interest, knowledge, and agency.

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Well over the past two weeks this has been a laughable term in my class. My mentor teacher introduces me and then adds on to the end, and she’s here to observe technology. Until Yesterday my teacher’s laptop was unreliable and all over the place from slow, to freezing to not even letting her log in […]

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Website Building

So I have just finished my website and all of a sudden thought why don’t I create one for my own class. I use a number of YouTube clips in my Kindergarten Class and have had parents ask if they could get a list of what we use each day. So I am thinking I will take time out to create one. It also means if I have another teacher or educator take over my class for a day I can just direct them straight to the website.

Update – So I couldn’t wait and started the site now….Not really sure if its legal but it links straight back to the original YouTube clips and has all their information embedded on the site still….I will have to look into that latter. If you want to check the site out it can be found at https://u1064848.wixsite.com/kindergarten/aa. Please remember though it is still under construction 🙂

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So Assignment Three is due in five nights. I have nearly finished my website while also finishing a major assignment for another subject that’s at 73 pages with the seventeen appendices attached with multiple pages each. Two of my friends volunteered to proofread the main part of it for me. This was great but that would have […]

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Assignment 3

What Site are you using to set up your website? What do you love about it? What makes you frustrated about it? I have been loving playing with Wix.com and am even tossing up moving my blog over to it but then realised I have been so slack and have not posted in weeks……So we […]

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Not Just Academics

I love the above clip by My Little Pony, it popped up on my Facebook feed yesterday and I had to share it with you.

It made me think about my nieces first school, she attended an IB School (International Baccalaureate). The school had normal parent teacher interviews and report cards but they also had one day a year in the middle of Term Three where all primary students lead their own “Three Way Conference.” In simple, you booked in a time to see each specialty subject and then extra time with their teacher. The student leads the conversations and shows the parents/others what they were learning and had learned. In their classroom, they showed you their goals and work samples and the teacher was there for support if needed. The IB system is about students taking control of their learning from a young age.

I love students being empowered to take control of their own learning and also learning to respect others as they learn to and grow together. Learning is also not just about academics but its social, emotional, gross motor and fine motor, manners, using their imaginations, learning empathy, and to stand up for what they believe and for others….What is important for you, as a teacher or parent, that your children learns? Looking forward to reading your comments below.

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Multimedia in the Classroom

I thought I would take some time out to share with you what I currently use in my classroom. If you have any questions please feel free to add them in the comments below. It will be interesting to see if the way ICT is used, changes after my two professional placements this semester and […]

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