Hi, My name is Cassie. I am a Kindergarten teacher in Queensland. For the past eleven years, I have taught in every age group before school and nannied here in Australia and in London and the USA. I have never thought about blogging before but enjoy following Big Family Little Income, The Dad Lab and Max’s FPIES Journey. I am a university student who loves to watch children grow and learn. One of my ICT assessment requires me to start blogging hence my new blog.

I believe children should use their imagination, play in the mud and rain and also have ICT embedded in their daily lives in the classroom. This week a few of my children were making their very own Wombat Stew with sand, dirt, herbs, and water. Later we were using an iPad and Apple TV to learn about the letter of the week and for music. My children also love getting their hands on one of the iPads and becoming a photographer. Clowning around with Photo Booth is also a favorite past time. The other week one of my children watched me zoom in on the iPad while we looked at something for him on google. When they saw me zoom in they asked me to show them how I did it. The child then excitedly zoomed in and out of the picture all by themselves.

Let’s google it or YouTube are part of my classes everyday language.  Let’s ask Siri to spell it is also becoming part of our everyday vocabulary. This week we wanted to make a sign for one of our learning pods, so we all headed to the office for a computer lesson. The children picked the coloured paper they wanted, we loaded it into the printer and then checked with Siri how to spell the word. The children then helped me remember how to spell the word as we printed each letter out. One little boy later asked if we could use black paper too. We tested if the printer could print white ink but discovered it could not. We changed the print colour to fluoro green. To our surprise, it made the “S” look magic as you can only just see it.

I love taking everyday moments and turning them into teachable moments extending children’s interest, knowledge, and agency.


6 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hi Cassie, my name is Tannie and I am also working in a kindergarten whilst studying. I have been in the industry for eighteen years and never thought that I would be going back to uni to become a teacher. I personally haven’t had much to do with ICT’s up until know, I’ve been frighten to use them in case i break them. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs, keep up the great work.

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    1. Thank You Tannie. It is hard at first to navigate ICT and find what works best for you, your classroom and centre but it is so worth it when you find what works for you. Your comment has actually sparked me to think about writing about how I use ICT for programming in the coming weeks.

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      1. Hi Cassie, just Tannie here replying to the comment you posted on your blog ‘Hello’. I went to a very interesting workshop last night held by the Increasing Activity and Intelligent minds (iAIM). It was all about incorporating physical movement into the classroom to assist in student learning. So how does this relate to ICT’s? Well there were links to websites such as GoNoodle and many others, a variety of activities that could be twigged to incorporate elements of ICT’s. This is a school site however, I managed to get an invite because I have been networking closely with our local schools at the early years networking meeting.
        For more information: iAIM edStudio on the Learning Place

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  2. Hi Cassie,
    I have just started following your blog and after reading “Hello” I just have to say your practices mentioned of incorporating ICTs sound amazing and have inspired me to thinks small. I often find myself thinking big which then becomes overwhelming but I am now seeing that using ICTs in simple yet effective ways still enable children to transform their learning and are far better than a grand plan that is not always achieved

    Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Hi Michelle, I am glad I could help you see ICT can be simple and does not need a grand plan. How is Prac going? How are you going using ICT? I just read about how you got to observe a year six class which sounded very interesting and lots of fun with wear the learning could take them. Cassie


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