Multimedia in the Classroom

I thought I would take some time out to share with you what I currently use in my classroom. If you have any questions please feel free to add them in the comments below. It will be interesting to see if the way ICT is used, changes after my two professional placements this semester and with what I learn through the ICT subject.

What clips and devices do you use regularly with your children/students?

Good Morning Song by Tieng Anh Em Bealy                

Days of the Week Song for Kids by Dream English Kids

Time: “Seven Days,” The Days of the Week by StoryBots (We call it the Silly one)

Months of the Year Song by KidsTV123                          

Minions Sing Happy Birthday by David Wall (This is a Birthday Tradition in Our Class)

Literacy Channel’s I Use
  • Bounce Patrol Kids
  • Jolly Phonics
  • StoryBots
  • Super Simple ABCs Turn & Learn
  • The Singing Walrus Find the Letter
Numeracy Songs:

Let’s Get Fit Count to 100 by Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel

Counting Down from Twenty Song Video by Have Fun Teaching

Ten Fat Sausages Sizzling in a Pan by Cuties451Rhymes

Shapes Song for Children by Little Kids Channel – Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhyme Clips

Row Your Boat – Makaton Sign Language by Singing Hands Uk

Hickory Dickory Dock by Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs

ICT integration with in my classroom can also been seen in the use of YouTube to stream music for rest time and to dance with as well as listening to an audio book each day at rest time. We use our iPads for photos and the daily slide show for parents to play at on the TV. The children also tell us at reflection time their favorite thing about the day. As they are speaking they can also watch it being typed onto the Learning Journey through the TV through mirroring the iPad using Apple TV.


I wrote the above a few weeks ago and forgot to press publish even in the last two weeks I have started letting my children use the iPads on a specific app each day for 10 to 15 minus during quiet activity time. I will post the apps in the next day or two but till then would love to know what apps do you use with Kindergarten and Prep children that are free or very cheap?


5 thoughts on “Multimedia in the Classroom

  1. I have a prep prac for this course and surprisingly am a little intimidated about teaching to children who may not even be able to write yet. I now realize how much I rely on writing words/sentences on the board, time to update the skillsets. I am smitten by the StoryBots, what a fantastic concept and it sure looks more fun than the old Dick and Dora books we learned from at school! Is it free for parents too?

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    1. Hi Gnarly, How are you? How is your Prep Prac going? StoryBots is awesome and yes they are all free on youtube and there is a free app for StoryBots for anyone to download.


  2. Hi Gnarly, The best part of your Prep Prac is it’s in term 4 where most of the children will know at least the first few lists of sight words and reading up to level 3 to 8 some may be further than this. Writing words is an important part of prep as the teacher modules writing and sounding out words while writing key words/sentences on the board….Just talk to your mentor and see how they do things. I am doing a second prac in Prep at a different school and am looking forward to seeing the difference between the two schools.

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  3. Hi Cassiekl! My last prac was in a Prep classroom and every morning we would put on a dance video from GoNoodle. This helped to engage students and get them excited for the day. We also sometimes used a video as a transition or when the students had too much energy and we let them dance it out. Some of the videos on there are fun dances to popular songs while others teach students skills such as syllables and patterns. I think this is a really great resource and I have seen it used in a variety of grades as most students love to get up and dance to the music.
    This resource is free to sign up to and keeps track of how many songs you have done. Students love completing songs as their chosen monster avatar grows with the more songs they complete.
    GoNoodle can be accessed from but you can also youtube some of their videos as well.


    1. Hi Charlotte, I finally remembered to go and have a look at Go Noddle. When I get back to work I will have to download the app and show my kids. I am sure they will love it especially the purple stew one as they were loving making Wombat Stew before I left for Prac. Thank you for sharing the site with me.

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