Not Just Academics

I love the above clip by My Little Pony, it popped up on my Facebook feed yesterday and I had to share it with you.

It made me think about my nieces first school, she attended an IB School (International Baccalaureate). The school had normal parent teacher interviews and report cards but they also had one day a year in the middle of Term Three where all primary students lead their own “Three Way Conference.” In simple, you booked in a time to see each specialty subject and then extra time with their teacher. The student leads the conversations and shows the parents/others what they were learning and had learned. In their classroom, they showed you their goals and work samples and the teacher was there for support if needed. The IB system is about students taking control of their learning from a young age.

I love students being empowered to take control of their own learning and also learning to respect others as they learn to and grow together. Learning is also not just about academics but its social, emotional, gross motor and fine motor, manners, using their imaginations, learning empathy, and to stand up for what they believe and for others….What is important for you, as a teacher or parent, that your children learns? Looking forward to reading your comments below.

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