Early Childhood Programming​ & ICT

I have heard of the apps Story Park, Kindy Hub, QKeYLM an Eplor. I have used QKeYLM a few years ago but was very disappointed with its user interface or should I say its lack of. Over the past 5 years, I have been part of conversations to continually improve our programming cycle and making it work for us as well for parents while keeping portfolios up to date in the classroom for our children who love reading them and finding new learning stories.

So the past two years we have become really happy with our programming cycle. So each week we have a Weekley Learning Journey like the one below. We use a Weekley Learning Journey Numbers document on our Ipads. We fill it in each day and email it to the children’s parents so they can see the learning and experiences that have happened. It is easy to identify obs and plan for extensions and also write a reflection about them on the day they happen.

17. T4 - W3 - Oct 16 to 20 - Letters A to M copy

At the end of each day on programming, I then take the information from the Weekley Learning Journey and add it to our learning story templates (as you can see below) to create the children’s learning story.  We keep track of the children’s obs on an Ob tracker which is kept in our rooms staff diary, so at a very quick glance we can see who has obs on the go, who needs obs and whos obs are fully complete.

Ob Temp(5-Comm) 3

If you have any questions or comments or want to show me what you do go for it as it’s all about learning together to improve our practice to better our children.


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