So Assignment Three is due in five nights. I have nearly finished my website while also finishing a major assignment for another subject that’s at 73 pages with the seventeen appendices attached with multiple pages each. Two of my friends volunteered to proofread the main part of it for me. This was great but that would have meant I would have had two working documents on the go which I did not want as I would have had to then combine them. I remembered using Google Docs for a few group assignments so introduced my friends to Google Docs. They loved it. We were all able to be on at the same time watching each other find all my mistakes and there were a lot of them. The editing mode of “Suggestions” is fantastic as they can change things and you can easily see what they have changed and learn what you missed. I would so recommend this for editing documents with uni and even as a professional with other teachers if you need to all be able to have access to and update a working document.

Now to get back to the reason I am actually posting now I have gone off on a side note.

I managed to create a quiz over the weekend for my website. I remembered when Chris introduced us to online polls/quiz in the first week and thought that would be great for my website.

I would love anyone who has time to take the quiz. You can find the quiz at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QPBN9SB 

What digital artifact did you end up going with for your site?


4 thoughts on “Quiz

  1. Great Quiz Cassie, I also used a quiz as my digital artifact. I also added in a link to a “How Too” to help the students work the app they use during the six week unit. I cant believe we all only have 6 more days to go for prac. it has gone so fast, but i cant wait for it to be over and done so i can get back to my kindy room and see all my kids again. Being my final ever subject, I’ve made sure i stepped back from my job commitments so i can put all my focus on my prac and last assignment. Fingers crossed everything has run smoothly since i’ve been gone. Time will tell. Good luck cassie

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    1. Yes I So just want to get back and start end of year stuff plus all the terms obs. This week is week five for me as I had the Under Two’s Prac the two weeks before this one. Wow that must be awesome this being your last subject!!!! I so wish it was mine too but I have another four subjects after this semester. Yer I totally get the having to step back I was full time but as of next week am stepping back to three days for the rest of the year. Good Luck with everything and Yeeee not long till your qualified 🙂


  2. Hi Cassie,
    I also love google docs. I have used it in previous subjects and even introduced other students to it for collaborative work. Your post has sparked some rethinking of tools I am using on my website… week one seems so long ago.
    Good luck with your assignments and prac.

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