Assignment 3

What Site are you using to set up your website?

What do you love about it?

What makes you frustrated about it?

I have been loving playing with and am even tossing up moving my blog over to it but then realised I have been so slack and have not posted in weeks……So we will just see how long it will take to get my uni assignments completed first before I move it.

Wix has so many options, you control the layout which is something I have struggled with using WordPress. I had envisioned what my pages would look like but then was unable to make them look exactly like I wanted to.


5 thoughts on “Assignment 3

  1. Hi Cassie
    I have used weebly for my website. My sister is a teacher and introduced me to weebly and how she uses it in her classroom so I think I just felt comfortable using something that I had seen before.
    I have had a lot of fun creating my website and have found the program very user friendly and easy for me to figure out on my own.
    In fact, while on placement I have created a weebly page for my class, which they think is really cool. I have placed all the different activities that I have planned for the students on the page. One of the students came up to me and said that I was very creative to make them a website. Year 1 and so adorable.

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  2. Hi Cassie, I am in the same vote as you that I have been a little slack with the blogs but I have started my website a few weeks ago as I didn’t want to fall behind. I also am using Wix for my website and love the layouts and find it really easy to navigate. Took a little bit of playing with to start with but now I can log on and zoom around the site with ease.

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    1. Yer I am loving using Wix…Good luck with catching up with your Blog. I still have four more posts I need to do. I am thinking one on Prac, I told another student I would share how I use ICT for programming in my Kindy room and not sure about the other two yet.


  3. Hon CAssie,
    I used Wix for my website. I hadn’t created a blog or a website prior to this course so I’m pretty excited that I learned how as well as how to navigate and edit. Yes Wix took me a little time but got there in the end. I didn’t insert my blog into my website. Oh dear.


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